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Featured Book

Ultimate Live Sound Operator's Handbook

By Bill Gibson
As the author of this book, I'd like to say that it is written specifically to help sound operators. It is not written to help design engineers or installers. If you want to do a better job at creating great sounds in the live sound world, this book is for you. It has helped a lot of people and is a very strong offering for sound operators who want practical solutions to everyday concerns.

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Featured Book

Critical Listening Skills for Audio Professionals

It's actually kind of neat that someone wrote a book with exercises for gaining a certain skill in the music industry. This is rare, really rare. But these are WAY WAY basic skills. These are as entry level as it gets. If you are hard of hearing though and still insist on a career in audio tweeking, this might just be the book for you. It is hard to criticize this book because it is so thorough and actually does target some listening skills.