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Computer Ethics / Internet Regulation   Tags: computer_ethics, kris_townsend  

Kris Townsend
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Searching Article Databases

One good article can give you some ideas for further research.  The Wall Street Journal is a good source for current cases involving cyberlaw and copyright also the Trade & Industry publications. 

Use keywords and subject headings (topics)

  • Privacy
  • Electronic mail systems
  • employees
  • e-mail

Use Boolean;  AND , OR    

Sample search Facebook AND Privacy

Academic Search Complete- smart text searching allows natural language searches. 

Proquest includes Trade & Industry publicatons as well as newspapers like the Walls Street Journal


SFCC Library Links

  • SFCC Library Databases
    Direct link to online databases. Most useful for computer issues are Proquest and Academic Search Complete.
  • SFCC Library
    Links to databases, class guides,internet subject directories and general information

Legal Sites

Fair Use /Copyright


See below for more on: Privacy, CIPA, Net Neutrality, Internet Piracy, Private Browsing, Cyber-bullying, Acceptable Use Policies, National Security Letters

For updates use AND to combine keywords in quotes "net neutrality" AND FTC.  You may sort the articles retrieved by date.   


Podcast - Tracking the Companies Watching You

 "One of the fastest-growing online businesses is the business of spying on Internet users by using sophisticated software to track movements through the Web, so that the information can be sold to advertisers." This is an interview with a WSJ reporter who headed a team that investigated the use of tracking devices on websites. August 2010

More on Privacy

Children and the Internet /CIPA

SOPA (Stop Internet Piracy Act) H.R. 3261

Online Identities

Digital Rights Management


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Internet Social Impact

Cover Art
The Googlization of Everything: (and why we should worry) - Siva Vaidhyanathan
Call Number: 338.761 VAIDHYAN
ISBN: 9780520258822
Publication Date: 2011-03-08

Cover Art
Overconnected : the promise and threat of the Internet - William H. Davidow
Call Number: 004.678 DAVIDOW 2011
ISBN: 9781883285463
Publication Date: 2011

Cover Art
Slow Reading - John Miedema
Call Number: 028.9 MIEDEMA
ISBN: 9780980200447
Publication Date: 2009
Slow Reading examines the research in voluntary slow reading, from the earliest references in religion and philosophy, to the practice of close reading in the humanities, and the recent swell of interest associated with the Slow Movement. It looks at the diverse angles from which slow reading has been approached in education, library sciences and media studies. Research in psychology and neurophysiology provides a tentative explanation for the ongoing role of slow reading.

Cover Art
Is the Internet Changing the Way You Think?: the net's impact on our minds and future - John Brockman
Call Number: 004.678 IS THE
ISBN: 9780062020444
Publication Date: 2011-01-18

Cover Art
Virtually You: the dangerous powers of e-personality - Elias Aboujaoude
Call Number: 616.8584 ABOUJAO
ISBN: 9780393070644
Publication Date: 2011

Cover Art
Wired for Thought: how the brain is shaping the future of the Internet - Jeffrey M. Stibel
Call Number: 004.678 STIBEL
ISBN: 9781422146644
Publication Date: 2009
Stibel (brain scientist, entrepreneur, and chair of BrainGate) views the Internet as evolving into a brain and suggests that "netizens" who understand this will own the future. Ideas are seen as living, spreading, and dying on the Web. The book discusses how the Internet is increasingly recognizing patterns and meanings of information, rather than just storing it. Stibel usefully describes how this plays out with examples from Google, MySpace, and The Search Agency. Much of the book focuses on what is generally known as Web 3.0--the "intelligent" or "semantic" Web. The Internet is described as more and more a "cloud" of computers hooked up together and communicating.

Cover Art
Game Addiction: the experience and the effects - Neils Clark; P. Shavaun Scott
Call Number: 616.8584 CLARK
ISBN: 9780786443642
Publication Date: 2009-04-29

Cover Art
Hamlet's Blackberry: building a good life in the digital age - William Powers
Call Number: 303.4833 POWERS
ISBN: 9780061687174
Publication Date: 2011

Cover Art
Policing the Internet - Peggy Daniels
Call Number: 354.75 POLICIN
ISBN: 9780737727333
Publication Date: 2007

Cover Art
Socialnomics: how social media transforms the way we live and do business - Erik Qualman
Call Number: 658.872 QUALMAN
ISBN: 9780470638842
Publication Date: 2010

Sites for Many Issues

Sites useful for more that one issue

New Books

Print Available for 3 week check-out.

  • Masters of deception : the gang that ruled cyberspace 364.168 SLATALL
    The story of the teenage hackers ( Masters of Disaster, MOD), whose on-line escapades ultimately landed them in jail. The authors capture the excitement of the hackers' search for knowledge, their sense of mission, their genuine if rather convoluted sense of ethics and address larger issues, on-line privacy and the appropriate role of government in cyberspace. A lively who/how/whydunit about real-life computer crime
  • The Googlization of Everything (and why we should worry.) 338.761VAIDHYAN
    The author exposes the dark side of our Google fantasies, raising red flags about issues of intellectual property and the much-touted Google Book Search. He assesses Google's global impact, particularly in China, and explains the insidious effect of Googlization on the way we think. Finally, Vaidhyanathan proposes the construction of an Internet ecosystem designed to benefit the whole world and keep one brilliant and powerful company from falling into the "evil" it pledged to avoid.

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