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Computer Ethics / Internet Regulation: Legal and Ethical Issues Online

Kris Townsend

Searching Article Databases

One good article can give you some ideas for further research.  The Wall Street Journal is a good source for current cases involving cyberlaw and copyright also the Trade & Industry publications. 

Use keywords and subject headings (topics)

  • Privacy
  • Electronic mail systems
  • employees
  • e-mail

Use Boolean;  AND , OR    

Sample search Facebook AND Privacy

Academic Search Complete- smart text searching allows natural language searches. 

Proquest includes Trade & Industry publicatons as well as newspapers like the Walls Street Journal


SFCC Library Links

Legal Sites

Sites for Many Issues

Sites useful for more that one issue


See below for more on: Privacy, CIPA, Net Neutrality, Internet Piracy, Private Browsing, Cyber-bullying, Acceptable Use Policies, National Security Letters

For updates use AND to combine keywords in quotes "net neutrality" AND FTC.  You may sort the articles retrieved by date.   

More on Privacy

Children and the Internet /CIPA

SOPA (Stop Internet Piracy Act) H.R. 3261

Private Browsing

Online Identities / Cyberbullying

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