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Streaming Media Workshop: Films & Music

Alexander Press

Streaming Music

Proxy Settings

Proxy Settings allow students to sign in specific eBooks, articles or film.  Most often the publishers will provide a link proceeded by the proxy.  



 CCS Library Online Collections

Streaming Films from Alexander Press

The CCS Librarians are always glad to help you find, use and embed streaming media for your classes.

Searching for Videos

A general full database search often works well and provides a column of limiters along the left.

There is also an Advanced search or you may begin by limiting by discipline.

Embedding Videos in Canvas

Choose the Embeded/Link button


You must always add the proxy  in front of a link copied from the Alexander Press database.  This proxy script is included automatically when you use the Embed/Link button.



Use the HTML Editor and paste the embedded video script into Canvas.


Be sure to also embed a link to the film if you want students to be able to follow the transcript.

Student View

This is the student view of an embedded film in Canvas.

Students will sign-in with their Bigfoot login. i.e. Username: SusanD4576       Password:*********

Sample Clip