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Zeitoun: Introduction

This guide provides information about the 2010-11 common reader, Zeitoun by Dave Eggers.


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About the Author

Dave Eggers

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 Born in 1970 in Boston, MA; son of a lawyer and a schoolteacher. Education: Attended University of Illinois and Urbana-Champaign; studied journalism and painting. 

Dave Eggers raised eyebrows with his presumptuously titled first book, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, released in 2000. Even more astonishing that it was a memoir written by a relatively unknown author who was only 29 years old. However, it received an outpouring of acclaim, and those who had tracked Eggers's career to that point were not surprised. Formerly the editor of a sardonic periodical, he was lampooning traditional ego-driven autobiographers while also taking a self-effacing approach to his own life. The tale is based on his experiences of how he coped and managed to raise a younger brother after losing both his parents to cancer within roughly a month of each other. "It was so strange that it was inevitable that somebody would tell it," Eggers remarked to Melanie Rehak in Harper's Bazaar. "It started with the dying part and then it just kept going." Eggers also edits the whimsical literary journal and web site McSweeney's.


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Zeitoun on Democracy Now!

Dave Eggers and Abdulrahman Zeitoun interviewed on the news program Democracy Now!

An Interview with Abdulrahman Zeitoun

Dave Eggers Reads

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