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Citing Resources APA, MLA & Avoiding Plagiarism

Links to APA, MLA and Chicago style citation guides and citation makers. Also includes the plagiarism tutorial.

First Steps

1st: Choose a citation style.

ex. MLA, APA or Chicago

2nd: Identify what type of resource you are citing.

  • ex. book, magazine, newspaper, interview, online video, email, blog, etc. 

TIP If you are not sure what type of resource you are using Google the title or ask the librarian.

3rd: How did you access the resource?

  • free web  (ex. you found the resource using Google/Bing etc)
  • library database  (ex. you logged in with a username/password)
  • in print, real life (ex. you held the item in your hand / saw in real life)

4th: Find the appropriate formula using the criteria above.

  • ex. MLA - Journal Article in a Library Database
  • ex. APA - Book in Print
  • ex. Chicago - Image on a Website

APA Citation Generators


  • Always check generated citations for accuracy!
  • Remember capitalization rules, shortened URLs and DOIs.

APA - Finding Citation Formulas

5th: Creating the citation.

Citation Generator
Citation Guides
APA Tutorial

Formatting APA References Page

6th: Formatting the Works Cited Page

Sample APA References Page

Annotated Bibliography - APA Style

Reference List

Sources cited in your paper must appear on a reference list. This page should meet the following guidelines:


  • A reference list appears as a separate page at the end of your paper.

  • Title the page "References" and center the title at the top of the page.

  • Each source cited in your paper should be represented in your reference list.

  • Double space the page. Do not include extra spaces between entries.


  • Write out the last name and first initials for each author of a given work. 


  • Capitalize the first words of the title & subtitle of each source, as well as any proper names.

ex. How to succeed in business without really trying: Broadway and beyond


  • Do not italicize titles of journal articles or essays.


  • A reference list should be arranged in alphabetical order according to authors' last names.

  • Entries without authors should be arranged alphabetically by title within the reference list.


  • ‚ÄčHanging Indent: The first line of a citation is flush on the left margin and each subsequent line indented one-half inch (one tab)


Sample APA Reference Page from EWU highlighting formatting criteria listed above the graphic.

from EWU Library

Citation Workshop: Spring 2018

ACTIVITY: Create either a MLA Works Cited Page or an APA References Page for the following resources.

Work Cited Pages: Create your Works Cited pages using the Google docs below, by group. 

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