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Banned and Censored: Answers

Complaints have been lodged against these titles and in some cases they have been restricted to adult readers or removed from library or school library shelves.


Censorship Quiz Answers

Here are the answers in reverse order. For more detailed information check out our study guide and other pages on the banned and censored guide. Come to the library and pick-up a censorship bookmark for your efforts. You also might possibly win a pin or magnet just ask for your I Read Banned Books pin.

Question 9

You wouldn't believe this one if I told you so take a glance at one or both of the articles on the Spokane Free Speech Movement. It's a very interesting story and it happened right here in our "near nature near perfect." city.

Question 8

According to the Anchorage News and ABC News Palin inquired about the process for having books removed from the library more than once. The librarian told her that she would object to removing any books from the library as they have been carefully chosen by a selection process that included professional reviews. Mayor Palin later asked the Wasilla librarian to submit her resignation.

Question 7

Mae West was too sexy for radio. She was banned from radio for years for this performance. The script was okayed but the way Mae said it caused a ruckus.

Question 6

Answer: All of the Above

The Hays Office developed production codes for films and morals clauses for actors. Hays was responding to complaints by religious groups but the Catholic Legion of Decency's threats were the most influential. The production codes were a form of industry self-censorship.

Question 5

Oliver Twist and Huckleberry Finn have both been censored at times because they were believed to promote racism.

Question 4

Sorry Rick Santorum the founding fathers left defining and regulating obscenity to local government. It wasn't until 1873 that the federal government got into the business of trying to regulate and define obscenity.

At the behest of Anthony Comstock the first "war on women" was waged trying to eliminate prostitution by declaring all information about birth control obscene. While they were at it post office censors declared other literature they didn't approve of obscene. Publishers of Stephen Crane, Kate Chopin, James Joyce, Theodore Dreiser and other well known authors found that they were blocked from selling certain titles deemed objectionable by postal inspectors.

Question 3

The First Amendment to the Bill of Rights grants us freedom of the press and freedom of speech. The press is not free if people are prohibited from reading what is printed and of course discussing it.

Question 2

The TRUE story of two male penguins in the Central Park Zoo who come together to raise a chick has topped the list of most challenged books more than once. The book is recommended for ages pre-school to grade 3 but you may check it out from the SFCC Library.

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