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Spanish Language Films: Spanish Language Films

List of Spanish language films approved and available at Spokane Falls Community College Library

Spanish Films at SFCC Library

Spanish Language Films in the SFCC Library

To help you select a movie that you will enjoy, it is recommended that you look at the description of films in the following tabs.  You may scroll down or choose the link on any of the titles listed under the title tabs to the right.  There are links directly to the description of the movies.  For more information (including some trailers), click through the link to the Internet Movie Database (  All films are in general circulation and in DVD format unless otherwise noted

PLEASE NOTE:  Many of these films contain nudity, sex, violence, or vulgarity.  Just because a film has not been rated by the MMPA, does not mean it does not contain these elements.  If you are looking for a film without those elements, consider viewing one of the films listed under the Minimal Sex, Nudity tab. 

Recently Added Spanish Language Films 2014-2016

Recently Added Spanish Language Films 2011-2013