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Evaluating Resources

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Evaluation Station: Select an Evaluation Method Based on Your Information Need

Evaluation Methods


Types of Evaluation Methods


If you are looking for a great conversation starter and a more holistic way of determining a source's purpose and credibility, see our library guide on the CCOW evaluation method. 


CRAAP is useful as a basic introduction to the process of evaluation. If you are not sure which evaluation method to start with CRAAP is a great starting place. 


SOAPstone is a useful strategy for analyzing primary sources. This process will help you examine the different dimensions of a text, which can then be used to employ the text as evidence in discussion or writing. 


The SMART Check is particularly helpful when evaluating news stories.  Determine if your news source is SMART before believing what is reported.    


SIFT is a 4-step method to quickly ascertain the accuracy of social media posts and websites by using fact-checkers' strategies of cross-referencing information.

Need Help: Ask a Librarian using 24/7 Chat

If you are not sure where to start or could use help evaluating a source, feel free to use the 24/7 Librarian Chat, where you can connect with a librarian any time of day.