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Occupational Therapy Research: Good Reads for OT

Students in the OTA program will find this guide helpful.

Audio and e-versions of "Good Reads"

The following titles are available in e-book and/or audio book format through various sources - several of which have been abbreviated as follows:

SPL= Spokane Public Library Catalog
SCLD = Spokane County Library District

To locate e-books or audio books you will first need to search the title in the source catalog. To "checkout" audio or e-books from either SPL or SCLD, you will need to have a current library card at the ready. Click the links to each library below for more info on how to sign up for a library card. Each library offers online registration

Other sources:

- Some titles are available as e-books. Audio books may be available through Amazon's free 30-day Audible Trial

Barnes & Noble - audiobook search page


Lisa Genova - Alzheimer's

Author of Left Neglected and Still Alice, Lisa Genova talks about the effects of Alzheimer's on her family.

My Stroke of Insight

Print Versions of "Good Reads"

The books on this reading list provide insight into the lives of people dealing with serious diseases, traumatic injuries, and disorders. Many of these titles are available to checkout from SFCC or SCC Library. If a book is available only at SCC Library, please contact the SFCC Checkout Desk at 509-533-3805 so we can arrange for you to pick it up at either library.


Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Alzheimer's disease

Asperger's syndrome


Brain injury

Cerebral palsy

Multiple sclerosis