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Research & Resources: An Introduction

This guide is an introduction to the research process, understanding different types of resources, where to find them, how to evaluate them and cite them.

Library Databases: What are they?

What is a library database?

  • It is an organized collection of digital resources compiled by professional publishing companies.

  • Librarians select which databases to purchase access to based on their users needs.


CONTAINS                           SEARCH OPTIONS                       SPECIAL FEATURES

books                                            keyword - entire text                                CITATIONS!!!!

magazines                                    author                                                       email articles

journals                                         date                                                          PDFs

newspapers                                  publication title                                         filter results by type, date, etc...

videos                                           subject                                                     requires username/password

images                                         geographic location                                 reads to you

podcasts                                                                                                       translations

professional blogs

and more....

Library Databases

All SFCC students, staff and faculty are eligible for Spokane Public Library cards. For more information about how to get an SPL card visit our CCS/SPL guide.

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