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Company Research: Finding Articles

This guide provides key resources for researching specific companies. Students in BT 160 will find this guide especially helpful.

Finding articles in newspapers and trade journals

How to log into the library's databases
After you open an article database like ProQuest,
you will be prompted to login.

Username: first name, first initial of last name,
 last 4 digits of your student ID followed by


Password: full student ID, or whatever password
you normally use to login to the campus computers.

If you're having issues logging in, please contact the 
IT Support Center at 509-533-4357.

Industry Names

Consider the type of business your company engages in and research the industry as a whole.

NAICS codes can help. These codes classify businesses by primary activity and are used by federal agencies for statistical purposes. Though you will see SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) codes in use, the NAICS codes replaced SIC codes in 1997.

  • Use the NAICS search box to find business and industry classification information.