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Mass Media: Advertising

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Sample industry report on the advertising industry from Datamonitor.  Reports on specific companies are available.

More Books

Books on the effect of advertising on culture are found in many different subject areas.  Useful keywords to combine are: 




social aspects

psychological aspects


 Why we buy: the science of shopping by Paco Underhill 658.834 UNDERHI

Captains of consciousness : advertising and the social roots of the consumer culture / 659.1 EW33C

Ad nauseam : a survivor's guide to American consumer culture / 306.3097 MCLAREN

Freaks, geeks, and cool kids : American teenagers, schools, and the culture of consumption / 305.235 MILNER

The conquest of cool : business culture, counterculture, and the rise of hip consumerism / 381.3097 FRANK

How fantasy becomes reality : seeing through media influence / 302.23 DILL

Media mythmakers : how journalists, activists, and advertisers mislead us / 302.23 RADFORD

Advertising History

Books of Advertisments & Advertising Campaigns

These books have samples of historic and iconic advertising and describe famous advertising campaigns.

Advertising Issues: Children, Trends, New Media