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Voting: Voting Tips and Tools

Tips and tools for voting

Every Vote Counts


Voters Registration Websites

Websites & Links on Voting

Tips to be aware of when Voting

Vote Early! If you are able, do not wait.

The Spokane Public Libraries have ballot drop off boxes for your convenience. 

Tip: Go to the candidate’s official website and social media to learn more about their platforms.

Tip: If voting on resolutions, bonds or other measures, use the free web to see if their are advocacy groups on both sides of the issues.

Tip: If voting on a change to a law, check government websites to read the current law.

Tip: Fact check any news you hear for accuracy.

Helpful Library Databases

Newspapers and magazines can provide information on candidates and issues at the local, state and national level. 

The following library databases can provide you full-text access to these items.

Need help using the library databases?