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Library Support in Canvas


Canvas Modules

Librarians can create specialized content for your canvas courses. Click here for a preview of example modules. Contact a librarian if you are interested in library support in your canvas courses.

SFCC Information Literacy Toolkit

The library also has pre-made modules, called the SFCC/SCC Information Literacy Toolkit. See below for details on access the toolkit.

These information literacy modules introduce students to various information literacy concepts:  

  • Links to Library Procedures/Info/Website  
  • Scholarly Articles   
  • Evaluating Databases  
  • Citation Formatting  
  • Copyright and More!   

Feel free to edit the modules once you have imported the course to your canvas dashboard.  


  • Some of these modules include quizzes for students to check their understanding of the content. Some quizzes have points and others do not.  

  • Some of the modules are original content from SFCC/SCC Librarians and other modules are from Canvas Commons with public domain or share-alike licenses, updated with SFCC/SCC resources. So, make sure to double check everything before importing it into your course.   

  • Remember, once the toolkit is imported into your sandbox course the content is not automatically updated, make sure to check links periodically.  

Follow these steps to import the Information Literacy Toolkit into your own Canvas:  


  • Access Canvas Commons here and login with your Canvas credentials. 
  • Find the activity in Canvas Commons by searching for: SFCC/SCC: Information Literacy Toolkit.  
  • 'Import into Canvas' options are on right side.  
  • Select the course you would like to import to. There is a "course worth" of material so make sure to import it into a SANDBOX course first!  
  • The canvas course should show up in your canvas account.  

Lastly, remember librarians can collaborate in canvas as well! We can assist in discussions and marking tailored canvas modules for specific research assignments. 


We also love feedback and recommendations for modules. Tell us if the toolkit was helpful and we'll work on making more content.