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Faculty Information: SFCC Library

Streaming Video Databases at SFCC

Streaming Video Databases

Canvas (Hosted in Panopto)
You can access the videos from any of your Canvas Courses.

See below for instructions.

Videos Include
Waiting for Superman (available in CC)
Miss Representation (available in CC)
Mask You Live In (available in CC)
Hunting Ground
Girl Rising
Basic Film Terms
Patterns of Inheritance
Smithsonian World, Nigerian Art: Kindred Spirit
Indian Art through Indian Eyes
Cold Water
African Art: Art, Women, History
African Art

Instructions for Accessing Canvas Hosted Videos

Locating Streaming Videos in Canvas. Step 1: In your canvas course menu, select 'panopto recordings,' Step 2: Change your folder default to everything, Step 3: Type the title of the video and press search.


There are two ways to access the streaming video service Kanopy.


Image of Kanopy Video Streaming Homepage.


1. Spokane Public Library Subscription to Kanopy

SFCC have an agreement with the Spokane Public Library so that allows our students, staff, and faculty to access their digital resources. However, each individual needs to sign-up for a SPL library card first. For instruction on how to sign-up for a card and access the SPL version of Kanopy use the "Accessing the SPL Resources Guide." Note, the SPL version of Kanopy is more extensive and provides access to a create number of videos and films. 

2. SFCC Subscription to Kanopy

As of 2018 the location of streaming videos hosted by SFCC library has changed with the new website and server. You can locate the following videos in Kanopy or Canvas. 

You and your students will need a password and username to access the videos. For this information please contact one of the SFCC Librarians or call the SFCC Reference Desk at 509-533-3834 during regular library hours.

Videos Include 
New Librarianship Masterclass
Everybody's Ethnic
Deaf Jam
Floating Life
Design is One
Raising of America
Killing Us Softly 4
Tough Guise 2

Note: If you are Spokane City Resident with an active library card you can access the full extend of the Kanopy Video Collection, perhaps making it a little difficult to assign as homework. However, performance rights are granted for ALL VIDEOS in the SPL Kanopy collection, so they can be shown in any class, meeting, performance, etc. in Spokane.

You can find details here on how to create a Kanopy account and if you are a Spokane resident who needs to sign-up for a library card you can find the information here.