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Teaching Climate Change

A resource guide for SFCC faculty who include climate change and climate justice in their courses.

About this guide

These resources were gathered 
and edited by librarian Mary Nagel
as part of the Climate Change
Climate Justice workshops held
in Spring 2023.

Please contact Mary with questions,
updates or corrections to this guide.

Mary Nagel

Teaching climate change at SFCC

Educators must grapple with the complexities of teaching climate change, including cognitive resistance to engaging with frightening topics, political polarization, intersectional justice issues, and  concerns about managing climate grief. This guide provides resources for addressing these complexities.

Use the side navigation or these links to find information about

  • Support networks - organizations connecting climate change educators; SFCC faculty who teach climate change and can share insights; other campus resources
  • The Brain on Climate Change - insights into the psychological defenses that can impede engaging with issues like climate change
  • Communicating climate change - strategies for effective climate change communication
  • Climate grief - understanding and preparing for the emotional weight of the topic
  • Climate denial - preparing for the political complexities of teaching climate change
  • Climate justice - how to bring an equity lens to climate change curriculum
  • Hope vs. doom - the central question to navigate in designing climate change curriculum
  • Research on climate change in higher education - selected academic articles and books
  • Climate change 101 - a quick overview for instructors seeking a basic foundation for this complex topic

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