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Physical Therapy Research: Track and Cite Your Sources

Students in Introduction to Physical Therapy will find this guide especially helpful.

More Ways to Track Research

You can keep track of sources you find using the web sources below. You may also sign up for free accounts with most article databases to keep track of your search terms and results over time. Look for "register" or "sign-in" prompts usually located on the top banner of the database search screen.

AMA Citation Help

Citation Help

When citing resources you will be using the AMA (American Medical Association) format. The links below will guide you to the most commonly used citation entries. If you would like additional assistance, please email me, or use the Library's chat service.

Other Citation Tools

Database Citation Tools

Most databases have a citation feature. Look for a Cite This or Citation button on the navigation bar of the article you are viewing. CINAHL offers AMA style options.

Note: Double check the accuracy of the citation after it's created using the AMA links above, or consult the AMA manual at SFCC Library.

Annotated Bibliography - Help