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Career Research: Information on Your Future Profession: Research, Writing & Your Profession

Overview of career resources and class assignment.

Research, Writing & Your Profession

Here are some suggestions on how to research what writing might look like in a particular job field or profession.


Library Databases

Students: BIGFOOT username & password are required to access databases.
Faculty/Staff: Network (email) username & password are required 

Need help accessing the databases?

Research Tips

Search for a job or profession. Add additional search terms to find more relevant articles.

  • "video game designer" AND training
  • nursing AND patient history forms 

Professional Associations

Professional associations and organizations are great place to learn more about a particular profession. Their websites often contain lots of resources aimed at people in their profession.  

Association website may contain:

  • newsletters, magazine, journals or other publications by that organization
  • education materials aimed at people in that field
  • other resources
  • provides examples of how people within that
Finding professional organizations

 Search the free web and include "professional organization" or "professional association"

ex. GOOGLE addiction counselors AND professional association


Interview Someone

Talking to someone in the profession is the best way to find out what type of writing they do.  

Finding someone in your field
  • Talk to someone you know
  • Ask other people if they know someone
  • Reach out via email or phone
  • Try social media