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Contemporary Artists: Bourgeois, Louise


Journal Articles

Louise Bourgeois: turning myths inside out
Sculpture. Jan/Feb 2001, pgs. 16-23

Sacred and fatal: the art of Louise Bourgeois: North Carolina Museum of Art:exhibit
Sculpture. Oct. 1998, pgs. 63-64

Untitled:cloth sculpture of two-headed hemaphroditic body
Flash Art. May/June 1997, pg. 14

Venthouse (Marble, glass, and electric light, 1990)
Art in America. July 1996, pg. 7

Louise Bourgeois: Muse d'Art Moderne, Paris; exhibit
Sculpture. Feb. 1996, pgs. 61-62


Lousie Bourgeois


Louise Bourgeois in her Brooklyn studio
in 1992 (New York Times)