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Contemporary Artists: Pfaff, Judy

Journal Articles

Judy Pfaff: life and limb
Art in America. Oct. 1998, pgs. 100-105

Poetry out of chaos: a conservation with Judy Pfaff
Sculpture. Feb. 1998, pgs. 22-27

Judy Pfaff at Bellas Artes
Art in America. Jan. 2001, pgs. 120-121

Feet first (Etching, encaustic on crown kozo paper, 1999)
Art in America. Sept. 2000, pg. 68

Judy Pfaff--Karen McCready Gallery
Sculpture. June 1999, pgs. 72-73

Six of one..; Augmented title: a half-dozen woodcuts by Judy Pfaff
Arts Magazine. Nov. 1998, pgs. 29-30



In the Studio: Judy Pfaff