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SFCC Library Video Tutorials

On this guide you'll find SFCC Library video tutorials on library services and research help, including how to log into databases, request books, search for articles, and more.

Computer Basics: Video Tutorial (Learning Resources for Software Skills)

Bookmarks by Time

  • [0:00-7:29] Introduction & Information on SFCC Software Classes
  • [7:29-11:35] Online Tutorials & Video Suggestions for Learning Microsoft Software Skills
  • [11:35-12:47] Suggestions for YouTube Channel for Finding Specific Software and Hacks
  • [12:47-End] Where to Get Help and Ask Questions

Computer Basics: (Video Tutorial) Microsoft Software, Free Downloads, & Drive Storage

Bookmarks by Time

  • [0:00-3:00] What is Office 365
  • [3:01-3:15] How to Access Your School Email and Sign-In
  • [3:16-6:22] Microsoft Products and How to Download Them
  • [6:23-8:28] How to Access OneDrive (Cloud Storage)
  • [8:29-8:56] How to Make Documents in the Cloud
  • [8:57-17:35] How to use Windows Explore (save files) on various devices (cloud storage, desktop, and thumb drive)
  • [17:36-19:27] How to Navigate and Arranged Saved Files
  • [19:28-21:21] How to Make Online Documents using the OneDrive
  • [21:22-22:19] How to Access Saved Files in OneDrive and Share with Others
  • [22:20-24:44] How to Save from a Desktop to OneDrive
  • [24:45-29:23] How to Sync OneDrive to Your Desktop
  • [29:24-31:33] How to Submit Work from OneDrive to Canvas
  • [31:34 - End] Office 365 Only Free to Students/Staff/Faculty & Where to Get Help