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SFCC Library Workshops

This guide provides up-to-date information about currently scheduled information literacy workshops.

Computer Basics: Video Tutorials & Presentation

Bookmarks by Time

  • [0:00-3:00] What is Office 365
  • [3:01-3:15] How to Access Your School Email and Sign-In
  • [3:16-6:22] Microsoft Products and How to Download Them
  • [6:23-8:28] How to Access OneDrive (Cloud Storage)
  • [8:29-8:56] How to Make Documents in the Cloud
  • [8:57-17:35] How to use Windows Explore (save files) on various devices (cloud storage, desktop, and thumb drive)
  • [17:36-19:27] How to Navigate and Arranged Saved Files
  • [19:28-21:21] How to Make Online Documents using the OneDrive
  • [21:22-22:19] How to Access Saved Files in OneDrive and Share with Others
  • [22:20-24:44] How to Save from a Desktop to OneDrive
  • [24:45-29:23] How to Sync OneDrive to Your Desktop
  • [29:24-31:33] How to Submit Work from OneDrive to Canvas
  • [31:34 - End] Office 365 Only Free to Students/Staff/Faculty & Where to Get Help

Correction: If you need help learning software, such as Office 365 (Word, Excel, PPT), navigating ctclink, or Canvas you can go to SFCC Peer Tutoring for help, which offers virtual and in-person assistance.

Bookmarks by Time

  • [0:00-7:29] Introduction & Information on SFCC Software Classes
  • [7:29-11:35] Online Tutorials & Video Suggestions for Learning Microsoft Software Skills
  • [11:35-12:47] Suggestions for YouTube Channel for Finding Specific Software and Hacks
  • [12:47-End] Where to Get Help and Ask Questions

Computer Basic (Learning Resources & Storage) Presentation

Microsoft Office Instructions