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SFCC Library Accreditation 2020

Repository of SFCC Library instruction, services, and resources..

NWCCU Accreditation

 Accreditation Standard - 2.H.1 (Library & Information Resources)

Library staffing information; policies/procedures that explains faculty/library partnership for assuring library and information resources are integrated into the learning process.

SFCC Library faculty provide instruction and support to all in the SFCC college community through a full suite of services which includes instruction sessions, embedded-librarian partnerships, creation of learning objects, outreach to faculty and staff, and point-of-need reference service (available 24/7). The integration of library information literacy instruction and services are accomplished through a variety of support resources, as listed below. 

In Progress...

HR Training Update 

In collaboration with the SCC Library, the SFCC Library is currently updating the faculty training, "Library Research Skills," which qualifies for AEe Instructional Service Development Training (19.5.A2). The training will count towards the faculty's step advancement and provide consistent information literacy education to faculty at both campuses. Since online training can be completed by faculty only after they have received tenure, the educational content will focus on information literacy resources, national information literacy standards, and framework, and finally resources for creating effective information literacy assignments.  After the online training is updated, the library will pursue the creation of in-person training that will be available to all faculty, particularly faculty completing the tenure process. This training will focus more on the introduction of library resources and support services for faculty and students. 


Library Canvas Shell 

The move to online instruction during spring 2020, led to a full transition of instruction in an online environment. SFCC Library already had many services and instructional resources prepared for online use and plans on expanding awareness of these services through the creation of a Canvas Shell that can be incorporated into every Canvas Course. The shell would contain information about basic library services such as hours, interlibrary loan, the library catalog, as well as highlighting key information literacy instructional resources, particularly library guides, which contain research video tutorials and critical information literacy tips and tools.