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Countries and Cultures: Digital Resources

Intercultural communication

Country & Culture Resources: Library Databases

SFCC Library Databases

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International Business

Streaming videos - Intercultural Films

Available via SFCC Library

Smoke Signals: Film poster Good Hair Film Poster  Paradise Now Film Poster  AiWeiwei: Never Sorry Film Poster   Babies Film Poster  Monsoon Wedding Film Poster  Jiro Dreams of Sushi Film Poster  Billy Elliott Film Poster

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Available via Spokane Public Library

Makala Film PosterArab Blues film poster Tehran Blues film poster Face Places film poster Dreamings: The Art of Aboriginal Australia film poster 

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Browse Film Titles:

You can search for a specific country or culture in the search box. OR...

You can use the BROWSE drop down menu next to the search box and then choose a subheading under Global Studies & LanguagesDocumentaries or Social Sciences to browse content.  

Using Google to Find Videos

How to Search

Search for the name of the culture or country or specific city and a specific cultural event or a general cultural term or activity


  • Life in Barcelona
  • Travelogue South Africa
  • Marriage in Thailand
  • Cultural Traditions in Chile OR Culture in Chile

Where to Search

Country & Cultures Resources: Free Web Sites


Consider the perspective of your content.
Look for information directly from that country or culture also.

  • Check out official country websites.
  • Check out related organizations or associations in that country.
  • Don't forget that not all information has to be text - check out videos and podcasts.