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Tutorials for finding and using eBooks on EBSCOhost.

Saving Excerpts: Saving, Emailing, and Printing

So far, we've been viewing eBooks online in the ESBCOHost eBook collection, but there may be times when you want to save a copy for later use offline. The EBSCOHost ebook collection provides you the option of creating a limited-length excerpt of an eBook as a pdf file that you can then print out or save to your computer or flash drive.

Viewing PDF files requires that you have a PDF file viewer like Adobe Acrobat, which comes preinstalled on most computers. There's also a more advanced option in EBSCOhost to download the entire book, which is covered in a separate section of this guide.


Saving and Emailing Excerpts

In the full-text view of any book, click the print icon on the right-hand toolbar.

A "Print PDF" menu should appear at the top of the screen. Note that the yellow box tells you how many pages you're eligible to save or email from the selected title. For most titles in the collection, the limit is sixty pages, but some titles may have different page limits depending on the preferences of the publisher.

The menu provides you the option of selecting either the current page, the current page and a specified number of following pages, or the current section. Note that you cannot select "This section" if the page count exceeds the page limit allowed for the title.

Navigate to a section you like and use the Print PDF menu to specify the page range you wish to save. Click on Print PDF to create a pdf excerpt of the page range you designated. A save dialog will appear that will allow you to save the excerpt to your local drive.

Alternatively, you can click on the "send as email" link to enter your email and send the pdf to yourself as an attachment.

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