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How to Search JSTOR

At the end of the video it gives you a phone number to contact. DON'T use the phone number in the video. If you have any questions contact the SFCC Library at 509-533-3834. 

Locating Articles from Citations

You should never pay money for articles when you are enrolled at SFCC.  Let the library find them for free.

Search Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

Be sure to configure Scholar to search our libraries for full-text access. If the library has access to the full-text online, you will see "Get full text at SFCC" appear next to the citation. 

*Remember Google Scholar results are not always full text or it may cost money to get the full text.  Save money. Ask the SFCC librarians for help. Email them at or call 509-533-3834 / 800-251-1972.


Image of two drawn figures looking at each other and in the middle it says "Philosophy"


Philosophy Resources Online

Signing Into Library Databases

Library Database Usernames/Passwords are what you use to log on to a school computer
Example - Username: Password: Your student ID #, unless you've changed it to something else.

NEED HELP - check here

Look for a Specific Magazine or Journal