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Online and print sources for students in Anthropology

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This site allows users to search several resources, including open journals and online books related to folklore at the digital repository, Hathi Trust.

Allows users to browse or search for myths from different cultures. The search includes Google ads at the top, but it includes stories and citations behind different myths.

This site has fairy tales from all over the world and cites the author - many of the stories are from public domain books written for Western children in the early 20th century


This site has 49 fairy tales with annotations and illustrations. The annotations are extensive and the website cites sources of the fairy tales. It also links to public domain ebooks on fairy tales.


This site has been around since 1996, and is maintained by a retired professor of folklore, DL Ashlimann - the site is still being updated and includes different versions of stories, as well as links to other folklore sites.


A Library Guide from the Springfield Technical Community College on myths and folklore.


From Texas Tech University, this website includes examples of folklore in Turkey that has been translated into English


A Library Guide from by Humboldt State University featuring information about Native Americans, includes links to language, literature and culture sites that may be useful.


This site gathers publicly available children’s books - both picture and chapter books from around the world, including books about folklore.


This website includes many versions of fairy tales, as well as other resources related to them. It’s set up like a blog, but easy to browse for specific stories or stories from specific cultures. Gibbs’s other work can be found here.


This online exhibit uses images and text to retell ancient Indian fables.


Wikimedia Commons. Older depictions of these stories.