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LiS Library Online Certificate & AAS Degree Program

Information about the online AAS and Certificate Programs for library support staff (formerly Library Technician Program).

Tuition, Financial Aid, and Scholarships


How much will you pay to attend Spokane Falls Community College? The cost differs for everyone based on current tuition rates, your residency status, financial aid package, school fees, your program of study, cost of books and your cost of living. The amount you pay to attend Spokane Falls Community College is based the current tuition and fees set by the Washington State Legislature and the Community College of Spokane. Some programs and courses require additional fees including lab fees. The only courses in the LiS program that charge additional fees are: LMLIB 115, 116, and 220. 

Paying your tuition and payment plans. Tuition must be paid in full by the tuition due date every quarter, regardless of your financial aid or loan status. Your financial aid funds will automatically be applied to your tuition when you register for classes each quarter. The remaining balance on your account can be paid through your student account in ctcLink or at the Cashier’s Office on campus.

You can register for classes after registration opens.

Financial Aid

Get details on tuition costs, student fees, residency status and all the details you need to budget for your education. Anyone, regardless of financial status, can attend Spokane Falls Community College (SFCC). We have resources you need for scholarships, grants, loans and work-study programs. Our team of financial aid experts guide you through a four step process beginning with financial aid education, applying for aid, using the funds and eventually paying off any outstanding debt. There is lot of information to absorb and everyone’s financial aid status is unique. Did you know there is a financial aid timeline

Scholarships and Other Financial Assistance

SFCC has many scholarship or financial assistance opportunities specifically designated for SFCC students of various backgrounds and aptitudes.

Washington Library Association Scholarships

Washington Library Association Scholarships 

If you live in another state, check for available scholarships from your state or regional or other professional library association.