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Literature: Reliable Resources

Get Materials from the SFCC Library


Library materials, such as books and DVDs, can be requested from any Community College of Spokane Library and delivered to the Pullman Campus.

When you find an item in the Library Catalog that you want, follow the steps in the document above to have it delivered to the Center nearest you. You will be notified by email or phone when it arrives. 

Can't Find an Item You Want?

If you find a reference to a book or article that does not seem to be available through the online catalog or article databases, the SFCC Library can get it for you! Contact the Reference Desk at 509-533-3834 or submit an online interlibrary loan request.

Keep in mind that it may take ten days to two weeks for print materials to arrive. Articles will be primarily emailed and typically take up to 24-72 hours to arrive.


Browsing the Library for Literature Books


Fiction books are located on the first floor of the library, between the computer lab and the decorative globe. You can clearly identify the shelves with fiction books because the shelves are SHORTER than the other shelves in the library.



Many literature books at the SFCC Library are around call number 800

Please note, the 800 section of the SFCC Library is located on the second floor of the library.

  • 800 Literature, rhetoric & criticism
  • 810 American Literature in English
  • 820 English & Old English Literatures
  • 830 German & Related Literatures
  • 840 French & Related Literatures
  • 850 Italian, Romanian, & Related Literatures
  • 860 Spanish, Portuguese, Galician Literatures
  • 870 Latin & Italic Literatures
  • 880 Classical & Modern Greek Literatures
  • 895 East & Southeast Asia Literatures
  • 896 African Literatures
  • 897 Literatures of North American Native Languages
  • 898 Literatures of South American Native Languages 

*Please note, the sections listed above are intended to be used as a general guide for navigating the collection. There is no guarantee that our library has books collected in each section listed.