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Pullman Campus: Welcome

Resources, services, and contact information for the Pullman centers.

SFCC Pullman Campus Library Resources

During Spring of 2017 Spokane Falls Community College (SFCC) Pullman relocated to the Washington State University (WSU) campus. Due to this move SFCC Pullman students and faculty have access to library resources and services from both the SFCC Library, as well as, the WSU Libraries. This guide details the accessibility of these resources from both library services and provides contact information for any library related inquiries.

Map of WSU Libraries on Pullman Campus



Basic Resources

SFCC Pullman, General Information

The SFCC HelpDesk can assist you in resetting the password for any SFCC email, which is used to log into and access SFCC Library databases

SFCC Email - First name + first initial of last name + last four digits of your student 


Password - Defaults to full STUDENT ID#.

Contact information for the SFCC library. Includes the direct phone number to the research desk.

Need help researching, using databases, finding resources, creating a citation and more. Chat with a librarian 24/7!