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Faculty Information: SFCC Library

SFCC Library Newsletter: Welcome Fall 2023


Book It at the Library: Schedule Study Rooms and Research Appointments Online

Schedule Research Appointments Online


Students can easily schedule one-on-one research appointments with our knowledgeable librarians. These sessions are designed to give your students the personalized support they need to excel in their research projects. Each appointment lasts for a convenient 25-minutes, which means they can get the guidance they need without taking up too much class time.

How to access research appointments:

Flexible Appointment Options

We understand that schedules can be a bit hectic, so we've made it easy for students to access this service. They can choose between in-person appointments in the morning or Zoom appointments in the afternoon, Monday through Thursday, from 8 am to 4 pm, and Fridays from 8 am to 3 pm. This flexibility ensures that students can receive the help they need when it's most convenient for them.

Ready-Made Research Appointment Assignments
We know you're busy, and we want to make integrating this service into your courses as effortless as possible. SFCC librarians have created pre-made research appointment assignments that you can simply copy and paste into your course materials. It's an easy way to introduce your students to this valuable resource.

Access the assignments on the SFCC Library Faculty Guide. 

Calling All Faculty-Specific Assignments
If you have specific research assignments lined up for the quarter, don't hesitate to share them with us! Let our librarians know about your upcoming assignments, and they'll be ready to assist your students with their research needs. Feel free to inform your students that they can schedule appointments to get expert help with your assignments.


Schedule Study Rooms Online


Features: Large screen television, PC and Zoom. Keyboard and mouse can be checked out at the Technology Desk with your student ID card. Study rooms are located on the second floor of the SFCC library and are for quiet study and learning spaces. Most rooms are located right above offices.

  • Quiet study room for 1-4 people, 201E & 201F have windows.

  • Quiet study room for 1-4 people, 206A & 208 have NO windows.

  • Collaborative study room for 1-10 people, study room 201D has NO windows.

  • Collaborative study room for 1-10 people, study room 201C has windows.

Reserve a study room on the SFCC Library webpage.

Purchase Suggestions

Ninety-five percent of the SFCC Library's physical collection predates 2010. In an effort to update the collection, we encourage you to reach out to the librarian in your subject area with suggestions for purchases for the print collection. Please keep in mind that our funding primarily covers supplemental materials that support our curriculum and research needs of students, rather than textbook purchases. Your input and suggestions are invaluable in ensuring that our library resources remain relevant and beneficial to the academic community.


New Location: Laptop and Hotspot Checkout


Laptop and Hotspot Technology Moved to the Lower Level of the Library


  • Media and Laptop Services is located across from the Print Shop in room 003 A.
  • Students will need their student ID with a current quarter sticker to check out technology. 
  • IDs and stickers are available in the Print Shop. 
  • Both laptops and hotspots checkout for the quarter.
  • If you are under the age of 18 a parent or guardian will need to fill out and sign the Equipment Loan Agreement Form.

*All laptops and hotspots have currently been checked out for the quarter but there is a waitlist.

Attachments A PDF of the Equipment form is attached below.

Technology Desk


Talking Circle or Square

A circular & square talking collaborative work area on the main floor. There are power outlets, charging stations, a movable whiteboard with four smaller attachable whiteboards and seats for up to 18 people. This is a wonderful space to work and or build projects together.


Description: The Innovation Studio is a place to create any audio and video assignments or projects. It is where you can practice and create what you are learning. Help will be limited to set up and tutorials.

Capacity: 1-2 people,

FEATURES: PC; Mac; WEBCAM & stand; microphone; speakers; Adobe Creative Cloud; iMovie; Garageband; studio & ring lighting.

Huddle Tables (ADA accessible)

A place where a group of 1-4 people can work together on projects or homework. Located on the main floor of the SFCC library, where learning is more collaborative.  Huddle tables and chairs are adjustable and feature device charging ports and outlets, a large screen TV, movable & expandible whiteboard, the keyboard and mouse can be checked out at the Technology desk with your ID. SFCC library has 8 huddle tables that are first come first served basis. Academic coaching utilizing these areas on a regular basis. a wonderful place to study, collaborate or meet for projects or homework.


We would like to partner with professors and students, for a cooperative/Internship Education Work Experience at the Technology Desk in the Library.  This opportunity is a for credit only position. The student would work with Sara Kelly at the Tech Help Desk to develop their customer service skills by assisting students with very basic Technology trouble shooting. Please contact the Technology Desk if there is a student who could benefit from this opportunity. 509-533-3833 or