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SFCC Library Workshops

This guide provides up-to-date information about currently scheduled information literacy workshops.

Become a Google Expert


Bookmarks by Time

  • [0:00-2:48] Introduction and defining "Regular Google"
  • [2:249-4:25] What are Scholarly Articles
  • [4:26-6:34] A Comparison of "Regular Google" and Google Scholar
  • [6:35-End] PreSearching

Bookmarks by Time

  • [0:00-3:37] How to Search Google Scholar and Interrupt Search Results
  • [3:38-4:10] Tip 1: Using Quotes
  • [4:11-6:02] Tip 2: Using OR
  • [6:03-10:09] Tip 3: Using AND
  • [10:10-14:58] Tip 4: Domain Searching
  • [14:59-End] Additional Search Limiters


Bookmarks by Time


  • [0:00-2:08] Connecting Google Scholar to SFCC Library
  • [2:09-END] InterLibrary Loan (Requesting Articles for Free)

Become a Google Expert Presentation

Connect Google Scholar to SFCC Resources (Google Scholar Setup)